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What is the risk of violence in your workplace? The answer to this question varies from workplace to workplace. Some jurisdictions, provinces states and federal have legislation which specifically requires employers to conduct workplace violence assessments and have a workplace violence prevention program in place. Even where no legislation exists, it is in an employer’s best interest to ensure all workers are safe from violence in the workplace. We offer a simple easy-to-use online system to educate your workers on the risks of violence and the specific steps in place to prevent them from being affected by violence in the workplace.

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Violence Prevention Requirements

The specific violence prevention requirements for several of the Canadian provinces have been included with references to the government department you can contact form or specific information on your violence prevention requirements as an employer. Even without specific violence prevention regulations employers owe a duty of care to their employees while in the workplace. The specific regulations help employers by providing definitions of violence in the workplace and suggesting methods for assessing the risk of violence and preventing incidents of violence in the workplace.

The framework for a violence prevention program starts with an assessment of the risk of violence. As risk levels may change over time is important to re-evaluate the risk of in violence on a regular basis as well as after any incident of violence in the workplace. This is followed up with worker education on the risks of violence and clear understanding of the potential sources of violence and work ways. And where risks of violence exists the development of clear strategies and safe work procedures to eliminate or minimize the risk of violence and impact of any violent incidents.

Where violence prevention legislation exists it is important to be aware of the specific requirements for worker education, reporting of incidents of violence, and maintaining a violence prevention program. There are links to some of the provincial departments which enforce violence prevention programs. These can be very useful in helping to develop your violence prevention program and ensuring the safety of your workers in the workplace.

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