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Training and educating employees are one of the keys to preventing harassment and violence at work. Harassment prevention is about understanding, being aware of, and being accountable for our own behaviour as well as our co-workers. It is about setting a standard for respect in the workplace. Violence prevention is about being aware of the risks of violence and the specific policies and procedures in your workplace to prevent incidents of violence. We offer two separate online courses, one for Harassment Prevention and one for Violence Prevention. Each course can be customized to your workplace to include your policy and procedures and meet your compliance requirements.

Bill 132 in Ontario creates new requirements for Employers and more clearly spells out what needs to be done for Harassment and Violence Prevention to protect worker health and wellness. Inc., a leading trusted provider of Canadian health and safety training since 2007. They have made a difference for over 160,000 people. Some of their customer comments are below. See how they can make a difference for you.

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We’ve Made A Difference to Over 160,000 People
Customer Comments

$5 Per Person Harassment Prevention Training

Yes you can train your employees for just $5 per person. This is for companies and organizations including volunteers.

If you are already a customer we can enable this course in your existing account – email

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New Harassment Prevention Training Course – Same Great Online Delivery
The course includes 10 sections:

  1. Harassment Prevention Education
  2. Definition of Harassment
  3. What is Not Harassment
  4. Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Employer Rights and Responsibilities
  6. Monitoring the Policy
  7. Complaint Process and Procedures
  8. Corrective Actions
  9. Remedies for Affected Workers
  10. Retaliation

You can use the course as is, if you are satisfied it meets your needs. If there is anything in the wording you want to change you can make those changes or we can make them for you. You can attach your own forms for example, or include your contact people who monitor Harassment Prevention in your organization. This gives you the ability to have EXACTLY what you want your employees to be trained on available to them.

The course can be completed in about 1 hour and will vary for each employee as they are able to go at their own pace and start and stop, they do not have to complete it all in one session. You are able to monitor their progress and receive a notification when they complete the course and the signoff at the end.

This is a new course and the same proven delivery method trusted by over 160,000 trainees.

Here are some of the reasons our customers chose

  • You get trained FASTER – which is less time off the job. When people are in group training they move at the speed of the slowest person.
  • You get a generic or base Harassment Prevention course which you can then customize giving you the exact fit you want. Learn the convenient and easy way. You can start and stop – go at your own pace, test when ready.
  • You are choosing a trusted provider of online training and testing, since 2007, with over 160,000 people who have benefited from online training.
  • Many provinces require Harassment Prevention education and training and some employers are not sure how to get it. We make that easy for you. We provide full service same day account setup. Start up today, train today.
  • Your Certificate of Completion for the Harassment Prevention course is emailed instantly a PDF. You get “proof of delivery” for each person who completes the course.

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We are constantly working to improve our ability to provide the training you need when you need it. If you would like to learn more about visit our corporate web site from the link at the bottom of this page. Adding more courses like Harassment Prevention will help you to provide the education and training you need for your employees to be safe and more productive on the job.

The site gives you the direct links to the Express Training Request form for new customers and existing customers can simply email to have the course enabled in minutes.

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